The world painted in 4 flavours

An opportunity to discover the origins and unique nature of Basque culture and cuisine through 4 sauces: contributions from other civilisations, legends, pairings, recipes... all the ingredients to better understand Basque gastronomy through its history.

This exhibition has been designed by Euskadi Gastronomika,with the aim of disseminating, through its emblematic 4 sauces, the importance of Basque gastronomy and the legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation to the present day. These decades of knowledge and know-how have shaped the Euskadi Gastronomika Charter of Values and are present in the DNA of the companies and professionals that make up the network.

This exhibition is currently on display at the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum, a unique cider-making farmhouse in the Basque Country that will give us an insight into the farmers’ way of life. The exhibition will travel through time across different unique spaces.