The Basque Academy of Gastronomy, a non-profit association, has the main purpose of disseminating and safeguarding the important gastronomic heritage of the Basque Country, inherited from our elders. To protect and safeguard our gastronomic culture, promoting our products and their consumption, as well as food and wine tourism.

Among the Academy's activities, we can mention: the annual awards for the best work in the field of gastronomy, the continued publication on the website of the "Basque Country Gastronomic and Cultural Guide", as well as on its social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

MANTALA Basque Gastronomy

Mantala Basque Gastronomy is an initiative whose mission is to promote and develop Basque gastronomy by fostering exchange of knowledge and co-creation. Mantala is promoted by the Basque Culinary Center and Hazi Fundazioa in collaboration with different public and private agents. 


The Gipuzkoa Hospitality Business Association is a sector organisation representing and defending the business interests of the owners of the hospitality subsectors and their respective activities, since 1977. It consists of 1,100 hospitality business owners or establishments, and with a staff of 30 professionals it offers a wide range of services and individualised advice, covering the needs of the hospitality sector; as well as the promotion of hospitality activity through different events.


The Hospitality Association of Biscay is a sectoral organisation which represents the business interests of the owners of hotel sub-sectors and their respective activities. It includes all types of hotel establishments, accommodation companies and large collective catering enterprises.


Euskadi Basque Country is a member of Ciderlands, a network of destinations that promote the global diffusion of culture and tourism around cider and perry, a reality that currently lives a true renaissance in the whole world. Discover the history, the heritage, the tourist attractions and the social reality behind the product and its elaboration. From the orchard to the glass, through the apple blossom.


At the Basque Culinary Center our main aim is higher education, research, innovation and promotion of gastronomy and nutrition.

Since its creation, in September 2011, we have worked to become the international benchmark in this field and also to promote gastronomy as a lever of social-economic development through the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, attached to Mondragon University, and the Centre for Research and Innovation. We also develop many different promotional activities.


The Cofradía de la Putxera-Olla Ferroviaria was founded in Balmaseda (Bizkaia) on 23 October 2017, with the aim of promoting, popularising, attracting and joining forces around the putxera and the particular universe it brings together: gastronomy, tradition, agriculture, catering, tourism, leisure, railway history and industry.


The beers of Euskal Garagardoa - Basque Beer share certain characteristics that make them special.  They are the result of a meticulous production process, from start to finish.  We offer you natural quality local beer with a great personality that is carefully crafted. The best boil kettles in our breweries to serve our customers the best beers; the best breweries with our partners so that the association serves as a tool of improvement for all; the best craft beer in Basque society in appreciation of their support.


Gasteiz On is the Vitoria-Gasteiz platform for commerce, hospitality and services that brings together almost 600 establishments throughout the city. It was established in 2001 and is set up as a useful and effective tool for commerce, hospitality and other professionals in the city centre, with the aim of improving competitiveness and defending the interests of the sector.
We are endorsed by our many initiatives to revitalise commerce: Ardoaraba- Euskadi Enogastronomic Fair, Coffee Week, Almond Market, Gasteiz On Catwalk, Sales Fair, etc.


The Basque Network of Museums and Enogastronomic Centres comprises seven gastronomic museums and was created to offer a blended tourist experience based on Basque gastronomic culture and its most representative products. Experiences that go beyond the mere visit to make it unrepeatable.


Grupo SAGARDI was established in 1996 with the desire to go back to its gastronomic roots, to offer high quality, solid, authentic proposals. A project that has been consolidated over the years as a benchmark of recognised prestige in the catering world, created to bring traditional Basque cuisine to the world and, from there, to investigate other gastronomic cultures.


The Jakitea Association was created in 2009 with the clear objectives of strengthening traditional Basque cuisine, boosting the sector, promoting local natural produce, with its own quality label and Km0 produce. Supporting and recognising small and medium-sized hospitality companies. Promoting traditional dishes and ensuring they live on. Supporting Gastronomic Societies and canteens in schools, hospitals and/or old people's centres, for example.
The aim of the Association is for people in the hospitality industry to promote traditional cuisine and to consolidate their place in gastronomic tourism circuits.


The European Cheese Route association was set up in 2014 in Idiazabal with the aim of bringing different local European entities together, to join forces to make cheese a strategic springboard for local economic development.  At the present time it comprises eighteen towns in nine European regions, all of them with one common denominator: their dedication to the world of cheese. Its main aim is to promote relations between the agri-food and tourism sectors, making rural territories more dynamic by discovering their multiple local resources.

Fancy trying out our cheeses?


Sagardoa Route is the strategic, tourist agency promoted by the Gipuzkoa Association of Cider Houses. Sagardoa Route offers the possibility of learning about our origins and the Basque Country through its product, cider. It specialises in tailor-made cultural, gastronomic and sports tours with local guides, to discover how the Basque people live first-hand.
It also offers plans for families, excursions and trips to our land to enjoy with all five senses.

¡Descubre nuestros orígenes y conoce el País Vasco a través de la sidra vasca! 

¡Organizamos planes a medida, excursiones y viajes!


The culture of cider is one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in the Basque Country and for this reason forms part of the Euskadi Gastronomika trademark, with the aim of conveying to visitors the cider-related heritage.

Sagardun organises various events, activities, tourist experiences and conferences related to the culture of cider. Outstanding among them is the day to celebrate the beginning of the Txotx (cider season), the apple festival and the Sagardo Forum.


SEA Hostelería was created in December 2013 with an eye to the future and the firm belief that the sector required an agent to channel its needs, monitor its interests and fight for its projection; leading actions that contribute to greater dynamism in the sector.

Together with SEA Hostelería, sectors such as the Asociación de Panaderías de Álava, BMA Bodegas Marquistas de Álava, as well as companies closely linked to the world of wine, wine tourism, gastronomy tourism and quality gastronomy, converge in SEA Empresas Alavesas. For this group, Euskadi Gastronomika opens up the possibility of being part of a network led by a prestigious brand, under highly demanding parameters.