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Living an experience provides unique learning

Picking the grapes during the harvest, placing the cloth to make the cheese, pressing the apples that will be transformed into cider, preparing the ingredients in a tapas workshop, guiding the flock of sheep -. are experiences that go beyond mere observation: the participants take an active part, share emotions and enjoy an experience that will remain in their memories. 

We offer you plans and experiences already designed for you to enjoy the best of our gastronomy with all your senses.


Añana salt valley and cider cellar

The Salt Valley visit and Salt tasting experience lasts an hour and a half, and then, in summer, you can enjoy the Saline Spa for as long as you want. On the other hand, the visit to the cider house is an immersion in Basque tradition. You will learn about the cider-making process and will have the opportunity to taste different ciders, accompanied by a traditional menu that will delight your senses.


Cider and the sea

Relive the adventure of whale hunting by visiting the Donostia-San Sebastian Aquarium and see how big a real cetacean’s skeleton is. After visiting the fish and sharks, the sea awaits you for a wonderful boat trip through the beautiful Bay of La Concha. Did you know that cider is closely linked to the sea? In the Sagardoetxea Museum, they explain the secret sailors used to avoid scurvy. To finish the day, savour local cuisine at a cider house.


Blind tasting

Tired of getting carried away by brand names? Do you choose the wine bearing in mind the vintage? Or do you think labelling and bottle design are more important? Totally bling, under no influences you will have to identify the wines, know their primary, secondary or tertiary aromas…


Museum and cider house

Visit the Sagardoetxea – Basque Cider Museum before leaving the cider house and make your visit to the Cider Country a complete experience. We recommend taking a guided tour of Sagardoetxea before going to eat; visit the apple orchard, the museum, and finish up with a guided cider tasting. Afterwards, go to the cider house to put everything you learned into practice.


Programa ‘Tradición marinera y manjares del mar’

Descubre la vida pasada del MATER y experimenta cómo puede ser el día a día del sector pesquero. Y en el taller, prepara tu propia conserva de auténticas anchoíllas de Cantábrico para llevártela a casa.


Sagardoetxea, Basque Cider Museum

Delve into the culture of cider and the culture of Euskal Herria visiting this gastronomic museum. Come and learn about its history, the close relationship between the Basques and cider over the centuries. A museum where you can walk through the apple orchard and discover a landscape that changes according to the season of the year: the apple blossom in spring and the apple harvest in autumn.