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Living an experience provides unique learning

Picking the grapes during the harvest, placing the cloth to make the cheese, pressing the apples that will be transformed into cider, preparing the ingredients in a tapas workshop, guiding the flock of sheep -. are experiences that go beyond mere observation: the participants take an active part, share emotions and enjoy an experience that will remain in their memories. 

We offer you plans and experiences already designed for you to enjoy the best of our gastronomy with all your senses.

Tolosa Market

Feel its authenticity from the inside. Guided tour to one of the most traditional markets in the Basque Country, Tolosa Market. Get into Tinglado building to find local products, and Verdura Square to smell and enjoy our colourful flowers and plants.

Balerdipeko erleak

Balerdipeko erleak is made up of two young beekeepers who work with the native black bee. They offer the opportunity to see their work first hand, a special experience in which you will learn about the importance of conserving the native bee and the value of the products that Mattin and Inaxio make from honey and wax.

Cook with Félix in Félix Manso Ibarla Jatetxea

We will make 5 dishes and then taste them all along with a wine matched to each dish.

Visit to a cheese dairy on the hillsides of mount Hernio

Gorua Goiena (Goine) farmhouse was built in 1783 on the hillside of Hernio mountain. Since the beginning it was focused on breeding cattle and the production of milk. Nowadays they make Idiazabal cheese, gaztazarra (a type of cheese), fresh cheese, milk curd or yogurt, among others. In 2022 its soft paste was the champion of the Esneki fair. Discover the shepherding tradition and the beauty of a breathtaking landscape, as well as the process of making these products.

Txakoli con pintxos... y una cueva a oscuras

¡Súmate a una jornada de descubrimientos! La actividad comenzará en la cueva de Pozalagua, en Karrantza. Nos adentraremos en la gruta a oscuras, con ayuda de una linterna frontal, tal y como hicieron sus descubridores.

Pastor o pastora por un día en Gorbeia: visita una quesería

Acércate a una de nuestras queserías y conoce de cerca un oficio tradicional que en Gorbeia aún se mantiene vivo, el del pastor.