The landscape of wine

The changing landscape of the vineyards each season of the year is an experience to be enjoyed

From the renowned Rioja Alavesa wines to one with its own identity - txakoli - Euskadi is a land of wines.

Rioja Alavesa is a land with a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition, where the quality of the soil, the privileged climate and the expert hands that cultivate the vines give the grapes and the wines internationally recognised characteristics and quality.

In this area in the south of Alava, this wine culture is preserved and passed on, offering visitors different flavours, landscapes and experiences. A special link between wineries, tourism, gastronomy, architecture and art has made it one of the most attractive regions on the international wine scene.  

Txakoli, the "other" Basque wine, produced in different areas of the Basque Coast and the interior of Alava under three Protected Denominations of Origin, stands out for its freshness and light acidity on the palate.

There is no better way to delve into the world of Txakoli than to stroll through the vineyards along the coast or in the inland valleys, visit the wineries or the Txakoli museum, Txakoligunea. You will learn all the secrets of the winemaking process.